Listing Rules

Before using please take time to read our rules regarding listings, prohibited items and conditions of sale. By placing a listing on this website you automatically agree to these rules and conditions.

Failure to adhere to these rules could result in the removal of your listing and in the case of serious breaches, possible suspension or closure of your account.

1.Country and local laws
2.Prohibited items
3.Use of profanity
5.Keyword spamming
6.Category selection
8.Brand names
9.Avoiding fees
10.Charge reasonable postage and packing costs
1. Country and local laws

Our policies are based around country and local laws, although in certain cases, they may also be based at our own discretion to maintain a decent and fair marketplace for everyone. Please ensure that your listing adheres to all current laws and rules and is valid and legal.
2. Prohibited items

Items that are prohibited from sale on this site are as follows:

Adult only material
Alcohol/Spirits/Alcoholic Beverages
Counterfeit or unauthorized goods
Duplicated/unauthorized and unlocking software
Credit cards
Drugs and drug related items
Embargoed goods
Excrement and manure
Event tickets with a higher price than the face value
Financial services eg loans, advice, mortgages, accounts
Firearms, ammunition, replicas and militaria
Government identification, licences and uniforms
Government, transit and postal-related items
Hazardous or toxic materials
Human parts & remains
Items encouraging illegal activity
Lottery tickets or scratchcards
Mailing lists and personal information
Offensive material and Propanganda
Police-related items
Prescription drugs
Prohibited services
Stolen property
Recalled items
Stocks, bonds, securities and related certificates
Trade services e.g. plumbing, electrical work, decorating
Used cosmetics, perfumes and aftershaves
Unauthorized copies/bootlegs
Weapons and knives

We ( reserve the right to amend the prohibited items list without notice and remove any listings from the site that we feel are unsuitable for sale.
3. Use of profanity

We do not tolerate the use of hateful, offensive, racist, sexual, profane or vulgar language in any area of the website. We will ban any user who is found to be abusing or harassing other users of the site.
Items with titles that include profanity such as music CDs, DVDs and books can be listed, provided that the majority of the word in question is replaced with asterisks (for example s*** and f***).
4. Links

You cannot link to personal or business websites from your listing. A link can be any text or image (such as photos, logos, or icons) that takes a user away from It does not have to be clickable. A link can be a web address, such as ‘’, or text, such as ‘please add a ‘www’ and a ‘’ around my username’.
5. Keyword spamming

Manipulation of the search or browse facility of the website by adding irrelevant, popular or multiple duplicate keywords to your listing is not allowed. This applies to all parts of a listing, including the title, subtitle, product details, description, pictures, links, and meta tags. If a seller uses tactics that can inappropriately divert bidders and buyers to a listing, it will be removed and sanctions enforced. Provide a clear, honest and accurate description about your item.
6. Category selection

Please select a category that matches the item for sale. Items should not be placed in incorrect categories in order to obtain more views or to try and sell them faster. If, after posting your listing, you discover it is in an incorrect category, you can either amend the auction to correct the error, or contact who can also amend your listing.
7. Pictures/Photographs/Images

Always provide clear and detailed pictures that represent your item so there is no confusion about what you are selling. Never copy or use someone else’s pictures or logos without their permission. Pictures should show clearly the item for sale. Do not include unrelated pictures to try to get people to look at the listing or a picture of an item that is not for sale. Embedding links or other text into photos is also forbidden.
8. Brand names

A brand name can be mentioned in a listing, as long as the item is authentically branded with that brand or product name. You cannot use a brand name or celebrity name in your listing to boost your items appearance or value. You cannot use a brand name as a comparison to an ‘unbranded’ item, such as “This mp3 player looks just like an Apple ipod”. Please use the words ‘compatible with’, ‘fits’, or ‘for’ before the brand-name if you are selling a compatible product, such as a charger or docking station.
9. Avoiding fees

Since is free for use, there is no need to set up rules for avoiding fees.However, you are not allowed to set up your listing in a way that would help you avoid paying fees or charging extra fees to the buyer, such as linking to images hosted on other websites. You must not make the buyer pay an amount beyond the final price and the shipping fee must be reasonable. You must not force the buyer to sign up for a service as part of the purchase conditions. You must not charge any additional fees for using standard forms of payment by way of a surcharge, including cheques, money orders, electronic transfers, and credit cards.
10. Charge reasonable postage and packaging costs

You must offer a reasonable charge for postage and packaging costs. You must not attempt to boost your listings position by offsetting the starting price with an unreasonably high postage cost. If your postage costs appear too high compared to other similar listings, we may ask you to either justify your costs or to lower them.

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