How to Sell

NOTE: Ensure that your “PAYPAL” account is set up before purchasing anything. Payments and Refunds transaction is directly handled by paypal. does not have authority or access to any Paypal accounts or Transactions made. For more information pls contact


Buying an item on binGky is so easy. But before you can buy anything, you need to register and login to your account. If you are unsure how to do this, please see our “How to Register” page.


Step 1 – Post a new listing 

After you have logged in to your account you either click on your “dashboard” and click on “create listing” or simply click on the “Add Listing” Tab.


Step 2 – Write Auction 

After clicking the links in Step 1, you will be presented with the first step of the selling process.The Add Listing Form. Fill out the information for your item.

Listing Description :



                                        Title: Title of your listing

                                        Description: Description of your listing

                                        Keywords: Keywords to help maximize the appearance of your listing in the search option


Listing Details:



                        Type:  Choose what type of listing you prefer. “Auction Type” (bidding type listing ) or Classifieds (Buy Now listing)

                        Starting Price (For Auction Type Listing):  This is the price the bidding will start at.

                        Buy Now Price: Here you can set a price for the user to buy this item outright.

                        Buy Now Quantity: Enter the number of items available for sale.

                        Reserve Price: Here you can set the lowest price your willing to sell this item for

                        Shipping Price: Here you enter an amount for shipping this item.

                        Listing Duration: Select the number of days you would like the listing to run for.

                        Condition: Condition or the item (New) or (Used) 


Listing Category:

Select a category:




Listing Attachments:

Select a Media File



Listing location:

Enter the location of Item:



Step 3 – Save your Listing

Click “Save Listing” and you are done!


Questions about binGky?

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