(F.A.Q) Frequently Asked Questions

binGky.com is very simple to use, but we have put together some questions and answers covering different areas of the site. Please see if you can find an answer here first before contacting us with any questions you may have.


1. Do I have to pay a joining or signup fee?
No. We do not charge any joining or subscription fee to use the website. Lets just have fun selling!

2. Do I use the same account for buying and selling?

Yes, you use the same account for both buying and selling. It is better to use one account than set up multiple accounts as you will receive feedback comments based on the service provided or prompt payments.

3. Can anyone open an account on binGky?

Anyone can open an account at binGky.com, although there is a restriction in that you must be aged 18 years or over.

1. Can I tell how many people have viewed a listing?

On the listing details you will be able to see how many people have added the item to their watch list. The watch list shows how many people are interested in the item, which will give you a good idea if there is some competition and whether you should purchase the item sooner rather than later.
2. Can I make an offer for an item?

We do not allow offers for items that are currently being listed on the website. However you can contact the seller directly and make an offer to the seller directly
3. Is it possible to cancel an item if I have already clicked the button to purchase it?

When you click the button to purchase the item, you are entering into a contract with the seller. It is not possible to cancel the purchase, unless you contact the seller to inform them there is an issue. It is the sellers discretion whether they will allow you to cancel or not, but legally they do not have to cancel.
4. What are the benefits of being a buyer?

There are a number of benefits using binGky.com, the main one is that since binGky is free, sellers can sell for a price without marking the price up to compensate for the fees like some websites.Therefore, price will be cheaper for the buyer.
5. Does it cost anything to purchase items on this website?

No. There are no fees for buying items, the only money you pay is the price you agreed for the item plus any postage and packaging. If anyone tries to charge you a fee for purchasing an item, please report it immediately.
6. What should I do if I see fake or prohibited items for sale on the website?

If you find any listing on the website that breaks our “Listing Rules”, please report it to us straight away via email to admin@bingky.com. We will investigate the listing and if it does breach our policies, the listing will be removed and penalties may be issued to the seller. The reporting procedure is totally confidential, so you can report listings in complete safety.
1. If the listing prices go down, will I make less money?

Whether the price of an item starts low and moves higher or starts high and moves lower, it is only worth what someone is willing to pay.And since there is no final value fee and listing fee, what ever the final value is, it all goes to the seller.So whatever you make, it all goes to your pocket.
2. How do I work out the best starting price if I do not know what my item is worth?

There are many ways to get an indication for the price of your item. First of all, you can look around at similar items on the site and also look at closed listings. There are also other websites that will give you a good idea of an items value.


Questions about binGky?

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