About Us

As I found myself unemployed with six mouths to feed, I began to look around my household

for items that I could sell to support my family. I considered listing my items on several auction sites,

but much to my dismay, the fees would be too costly, and other sites I rendered unsafe since they

required for me to meet up with a complete stranger, or a stranger coming over to my home. It would be too

dangerous for me and my family.

Then a light bulb went on! What if I made a website that had the safety and security of other reputable

and trusted sites but without the fees like the sites I considered too dangerous? Driven by my love and

support for my family and inspired by entrepreneurs that were before me, binGky was born!

We all have junk we’ve accumulated through the years, and let’s face it, having a yard sales can be too tiring

and too time consuming.And selling at other websites with ridiculous fees leaves you no profit. Why not just list it here? Majority of the population already shop online, why not

list the stuff you no longer need or use online? As the old adage goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

Check around your home, there might just be a few treasures you could sell for extra cash, and who couldn’t use

extra cash in their pocket these days?

So come on! Give binGky a try! It’s SAFE & SECURE. But most of all, it’s FREE!

Questions about binGky?

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